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As one of Blocket’s in-house lawyers I provide legal support to all functions within Blocket – this gives me the opportunity to work close to the business and to get good insights in all the wow created at Blocket every day. Blocket feels like home. We have a caring and friendly environment where everyone is welcomed. And even if people have come and gone during my time at Blocket – there is something in this company’s DNA that immediately transmits to new Blocketeers.

I am proud that we as a company take responsibility. We provide a safe marketplace with opportunities for everyone and on top of that we contribute to a more sustainable environment by enabling our users to consume circularly. Did you know that the Blocket concept is cloned and brought to over 30 countries in the world? For example the French marketplace, Leboncoin.

Blocket is a company that is in constant change and movement. I look forward to see what Blocket has become in, let’s say five years from now. What have our different services become by then and what problems have we solved for our users.

I once sold a stove on very short notice to a family whose dinner plans had been ruined the same night when their old stove broke down whilst making dinner. That is one of my best Blocket story moments!