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We are Blocket

Welcome to Blocket Greenhouse!

This is where ideas and people grow, where sustainable marketplaces are cultivated. A greenhouse where we as Blocketeers collaborate, take responsibility, are brave, move fast and create WOW. We are Sweden’s own tech company that makes life happen. For everyone! Including the environment and the wallet. The Blocket heartbeat is green, inclusive and circular. And our purpose and mission is clear: We contribute to a sustainable world and endless opportunities for everyone.

It is as simple as that!

We make an impact

In 2019 alone, our users spared the world 730017 ton CO₂e* by second hand trading, instead of buying new things. This correlates to the same amount of CO₂e as the Stockholm traffic during 10 months!

We are looking for open minds
to our open office

This is how we do it the Blocket way

In the Greenhouse, there are five values that form the foundation of Blockets’ culture. These values guide us and serve as a track to follow in order to achieve our goals and purpose. They help us build trust with our users, partners and amongst ourselves. If these values align with your own, if they feel like the kind of people you want to be surrounded by, then come and join us to inspire people and the world, to contribute to even more sustainability. Cause that is needed.

Be Brave

Always challenge yourself
and status quo

Take Responsibility

Be committed to achieve results, to colleagues and our society

Let’s Collaborate

Teamwork is awesome and
makes us stronger

Move Fast

Take action and
get stuff done

Create WOW

Make your work matter and
go that extra mile

Meet our Blocketeers


Quality Assurance


Customer Success Manager


Legal Councel


Engineering Manager


Client Manager


Product Manager

Blocket is for everyone

The secret sauce

We are Blocketeers. Our mission every day is simple: Empowering people, making a better tomorrow. By making the world a better and more sustainable place. That’s our plan.

This is who we are.
We are a tech company with a history of being one of Sweden’s first digital startups. Innovation is in our DNA. It’s what we are made of.
We believe in people, ideas and tech. And we want to have a team as diverse as our customers and users. Open minds and different perspectives are what moves us forward.
We care about our work and we care about each other. That’s the secret sauce (and fredagsfika of course). We listen, question, collaborate, create, make and deliver. Transparency and trust are key to what we do.
We are a value-driven company with a purpose – we are here to make a difference and build a better, more sustainable world. Nothing more and nothing less. We are down to earth, but we dream big, and know we have the ability and capacity to change things.

We are a friend through life for our users and customers. Everything we do, we do for them. We turn ideas into reality and find solutions to the problems and challenges they have. Life is full of possibilities and Blocket is there to make them happen. The future is bright, we know it. Because we are building it together.

Are you ready to be a Blocketeer? 🌱💚

The Second-hand effect

See the impact “blocketing” has on reducing the carbon footprint and material consumption in Sweden, i.e. the second-hand effect.



Diversity & Inclusion

We believe in accountability and transparency about the diversity and inclusion non-stop journey we’re on. Diversity is nothing without inclusion. And nothing of it is anything if there is no culture of trust to speak up. In order to help us on the road we have written down a statement, our why, and a direction.

Blocket’s sustainable heartbeat – our D&I why
Our products are for everyone and so is our working environment. That is why a diverse and inclusive culture is a necessity for innovation and continued growth. Also – being fair and equal feels good in our hearts.

Blocket’s D&I map and compass – our direction
We will be a diverse and inclusive environment, where everyone feels safe to speak up, contribute to innovation and where togetherness is everything both in failing and winning. The greatest ideas are born out of a mix of voices.

D&I in numbers
Since we are a company made of data, and in love with data – we of course measure everything. We have a strong commitment to D&I and believe it’s essential for us to create next generations marketplaces. For that we have a D&I team with a mission to make sure that D&I is in everything we do, everything we breathe – everything we produce.



Identify as woman


Women on our board


Women on our C-suite


Women in leadership


Over 40

*Carbon dioxide equivalents or CO2e is a measurement of greenhouse gas emissions which takes into account that different gases contributes differently to the greenhouse effect and global warming. When a certain greenhouse gas is expressed in carbon dioxide equivalents, it indicates how much carbon dioxide is needed to be emitted in order to have the same effect on the climate. For example, when the emissions of a certain greenhouse gas is expressed in emissions per tonne, 1 tonne methane corresponds to 21 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents, since methane contributes 21 times more to the greenhouse effect compared to carbon dioxide.



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