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After more than six years of long distance relationship with my boyfriend, at the end of February 2017, I decided to come to Sweden to live with him. After coming to Sweden, I spent nearly a year just learning Swedish, when i could say some simple sentences, I once asked my boyfriend’s dad which app is useful for my life in Sweden? Then he told me Blocket and I googled and found out that 7 out of 10 Swedes have bought or sold something on Blocket, then I was like: wow it seems to be a well-liked app!

Then in December 2017, I enrolled myself for a job employment program called Korta Vägen (The Short Road) where I got a job coach to assist us in getting an internship in our favoured employers. When I was filling in the company I wanted to go to, Blocket popped out of my head! And what delighted me most was that I got the interview soon, and what made me feel incredible was that I spoke Swedish throughout the entire interview process for almost 45 minutes! I was so excited that day!

Before I came to Sweden, I heard that Nordic people like to keep a distance from people. But after working in Blocket, I changed my view. They didn’t mind my poor Swedish. They patiently explained to me when I didn’t fully understand it, and they taught me slang. I was given a T-shirt with ciao on it (basically because my name is Xiao). I often feel warm working in Blocket. We occasionally have retros talking about what makes you happy, dissatisfied and what you think can be maintained. I think they really care about what you think. Everyone’s point of view is valuable.

Blocket is also concerned about our health. During the pandemic, the original 1h exercise time has changed to 2.5h, and we are often encouraged to go out for a walk 🙂

Although I don’t love Swedish food, Sweden is like my second home now, and I’m really happy to be a Blockteer and proud to tell others that I work in Blocket!