Ensure we make informed decisions

In the Insight team at Blocket, we are passionate about what data and analysis can contribute to the business. Our main mission is to provide the organization with data and actionable insights that our stakeholders can use to create business value.

We have have two main disciplines and objectives; to develop and maintain our data platform by collecting, structuring and storing all millions of lines of data generated by our customers and users and making them available to our stakeholders. As well as transforming all this data into insights and in-depth understanding of how users use and want to use the Blocket marketplace. We study user-initiated, strategic initiatives, the market, content and new features and products, and record data as a basis for decision making in all decisions we make.

Our data is used for financial reporting, to generate insights on products and features such as. ad recommendations, ad classification, and personalization of content. In recent years, the demand and need to improve and develop our data platform have become business critical and everyone working on Blocket is encouraged to add more data and analysis into their workday to make the entire business even more data-driven. This approach is crucial if we are to succeed in our goal of delivering a world-class user experience, with personalized packaging. The work we do will affect how the world experiences and increases its share of goods. And thus creating a more sustainable future.