Hi! I am Alisa, and I joined Blocket and Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces in October 2021. As a Data Engineer, I love making data understandable and easy to work with. Data answers business questions and makes us understand how well we are doing and where we should focus even more. Working with data at Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces gives us the possibility to consume large amounts of data from the most popular marketplaces in the Nordics, but also to collaborate with amazing colleagues from different countries and learn a lot, without forgetting to have fun!

The emphasis on continuous learning and personal growth, is what I appreciate most about our working culture is. It’s inspiring to witness how employees are encouraged to develop their skills and pursue their passions within the organization. I also like the fact that we have a significant degree of autonomy in shaping our work tasks. This autonomy empowers us to align our work with the organization’s objectives and leverage our individual strengths. It’s empowering to have the flexibility to make decisions that positively impact our projects!