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I am Helena and I work as an Engineering Director for Blocket Motor. My job is about building healthy tech orgs with happy people so that we together can deliver what our customers, users and business need. It is always possible for a team to move on, I believe, if there is a clear objective and if we don’t think too long and instead get started. And remove impediments in prio order, and take the time to continuously reflect and improve. This is what drives me, and it’s also what makes work fun. It is such a satisfying feeling when our customers and users give feedback so we provide what they need and want.

The best with Blocket is the sustainable culture and environment. There are a lot of challenges, and that gives endless possibilities. Both in regards to future tech but also what our different verticals/marketplaces need. In addition to the great value based culture and environment, we take care of each other, enjoy collaboration and have great benefits.

I purchase everything on Blocket and love to bring new preloved treasures home. Some years ago I used to bring home furniture for a future home. In the end we finally bought a house that would match all Blocket treasures.