Hello stranger on the internet! I’m Carl and I work as a Product Manager in Blocket Mobility. Cars, boats and excavators may not be the things that you first think of Blocket, but mobility is an important verticalof ours. It’s a highly complex industry, where big shifts are happening, like electrification and new ownership models to name a few. It’s also a very data-driven field, as a lot of information is available about vehicles and sellers optimize for ROI at scale.

At Blocket, we’re passionate about what we do. It’s a kind and diverse workplace where we take good care of each other, just like we strive to take care of both buyers and sellers on our platform. The dynamics of running a marketplace with buyers and sellers make things super interesting. The value that we can create as a marketplace increasing circular economy is tremendous. We’re really making a difference in the society. We’ve come a long way, but there are so many opportunities to improve user experiences and grow.

So, if you’re ready to play a role in shaping the future of the circular economy, don’t be a stranger and come join us in the wonderful world of Schibsted Nordic marketplaces.