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Welcome to the family!

At Blocket we are proud of our colleagues, the product we work with and the impact we have on our users and the environment. We value work-life balance and we go to great lengths to care for each other.


Want to get a feel for the WOW? Check us out!

Open Positions

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Our teams


Improve the experience on Sweden’s largest marketplace

Business Development

Develop the future of Blocket

Human Resources

Help us be a great place to work

Data & Insight

Ensure we make informed decisions

Customer Security

Make Blocket a safe place to be

Customer Support

Make sure our customers have an awesome experience


Spread the word and help us grow!


Develop and maintain one of Sweden’s most visited services


Work with our business partners

Finance, Legal & Office Support

Keep the train running


Define our long term goals

Workplace and Culture

Welcome to Blocket! We are a bunch of passionate people who love what we do and doing it together. At Blocket you’ll find a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. For us it’s important that you can be yourself and feel like home.

At Blocket you’ll find a mix of developers, user experience experts, car lovers, sales people, customer support and security agents, analysts, business developers, marketing pros and many other. We are proud to work at Blocket because we work with the best colleagues and create a product that helps us save our environment and make people happy.

We are located in the city centre of Stockholm and share our amazing office with colleagues at the other Schibsted companies. We arrange Hackdays, do yoga, running club and we go to conference trips every year.

At Blocket you’ll get

Worklife balance

We love to go to work, but we also love to spend time with our families. You’ll get a good parental pay, a generous wellness grant, private health care insurance and free massage.

The best colleagues

We are nice and care about each other. We have fun, celebrate, brace each other and eat lots of fika.

The chance to make a difference and help creating a sustainable future

Thanks to secondhand we help people create possibilities to consume without exploiting the environment and to save money

Career opportunities

Since 2003 Blocket has been part of Schibsted, so there are many career opportunities in Sweden and in 30 other countries around the globe.

Meet some of us!


Customer Security Center Manager


iOS Developer


Tools Engineering Manager


Product Designer


Sales Manager Outdoor AM


Head of Web Engineering

🍄 Might be the funniest, coolest and bravest job out there. Our Super Mario Hanna 🦸‍♀️, also known as the Senior Vice President Tech Nordic Marketplaces (!), is looking for her co-pilot to navigate one of the most incredible roles that is in the tech community. Luigi, wherever you are, if you really want to #makethedifference, we need you on the job so to speak! ⭐️

Link in bio! 👆🏾

#lifeatblocket #supermario #executiveassistant #takeyourchance

❤️ Meet Jayashree, one of our eight Junees who now have been with us in the Greenhouse for 2.5 months. A former principal who came to Sweden and changed her career, following her initial dream becoming a frontend developer. How inspiring! 🙌🏼
Jayashree, what made you apply to our Junee program?
”Well, I met Blocket's tech leadership team at @witsweden this spring and then I wanted to apply.”
What is the biggest learning so far?
”Learn everyday. Don’t give up. Collaborate as much as possible. Failures are normal. Fail will give you a chance to learn, do not be afraid to try. My buddy says i need to try new things. All the time”.
That is wise of her! Tell us about your buddie!
”Yes Linn, she is very supportive. She is the perfect teacher. Perfect! She knows how to take you step by step and collaborates very well. I really have a lot of positive things to say about her. She is friendly. Very friendly. I have the kind of comfort with her, I feel very comfortable. She is a very good teacher, and I should know, I have been in the field.”
Yes our buddies! Heroes!! 🦸🏻‍♀️🦸🏽‍♂️ And then the team effort that is in this program … collaboration, taking responsibility, being brave and creating WOW! What would Blocket be without our amazing Blocketeers!?
Thanks Jayashree for all knowledge you bring by asking all those questions. Highly appreciated 🤩

#lifeatblocket #junee #collaboration #takeresponsibility #createWOW #buddie #mentorship #heroes

🌴 The podcast tip no 1 summer 2022 comes with this quote:

”Growing up is fun, but being a grown up is not”

Hm, what is that!? And what the hell does it mean? 🧐
Listen to our CTO Hanna as she speaks up her mind with brilliant smart things in this pod on how to grow and keep the culture. As always, spot on. And yes, she is right. You never have to doubt it! ✨

🎧 link above 👆🏾

#lifeatblocket #podcast #createWOW #grownup #culture

😍 This is Blocket @ Women in Tech 2022!
This is also four out of six from Blocket Tech leadership team. As you see Blocket Tech contains very much of women, (women in hats) 🙌🏼
You might think we were in a photo booth the entire day, but we have actually worked hard handing out lovely and popular Blocket swags. The best part however; we met and talked to so many great, fantastic and lovely people ❤️ And to say there are no women in tech … well join us next year. There where thousands of them here! 🤩

#lifeatblocket #createWOW #takeresponsibility #womenintech #womenintech2022 #wit2022

👋🏽 Meet Aaron; our brand new Chief People&Culture Officer! Four weeks in the Greenhouse already since time flies, but feels really longer.
Aaron, how has it been?
”The moment I stepped in to the office I felt a genuine warmth (literally, as many of you Blocketeers greeted me with a surprise breakfast in our cafeteria). The best welcome one could ask for❣️ Reflecting on what I’m most surprised about is also one of the facts that I appreciate the most - the honest reflections in all the meetings I’ve had so far. This honesty gives me the best possible prerequisite to create change. I’m also blown away by the positive feedback I’ve gotten during my first weeks. ☝🏽 This - the combination of warmth, genuineness, honesty, curiosity and an awsome feedback culture - that’s a pretty good start for a winning culture.

What will you bring to Blocket?
”I will contribute with new and brave perspectives be being myself. I think and hope that my professional background in combination with my life experiences will both inspire and help us find new ways of taking on challenges.”

Well YES! Being the unique you - we love that. Inspired already! 🙌🏼
Welcome to Blocket Aaron, we are super happy to have you in our red but green house. Let’s continue creating magic with people and culture ❤️

#lifeatblocket #welcome #greenhouse #people&culture #cp&co

👋🏽 This is Manisha! Two weeks ago she finnished her internship with @jobbspranget . Since then she is now hired as a TA partner! 🥳 Four months of learning way of working in Blocket Talent Acquistion team, four months of speaking swedish non-stop, four months of curiosity and questions that developed us as team. Meet a brave collaborator who has taken responsibility from day one in learning as much as possible - from ways of working, working culture, language to the importance of Friday fika 🧁. We are so impressed by you Manisha and so glad you wanted to join us.
Tell us, how was it? 
”My internship experience was amazing. It was a great oppurtunity to understand the Swedish work culture and environment and to get a job. I feel it's almost impossible to get into Swedish non-IT domain Job market without Jobbsprånget internship programme. Jobbsprånget helped me to extend my networking in Sweden. Also it really helped me to improve my speaking and understanding of Swedish language. I think I would have been still looking for jobs or I might have switch to different career like Teaching or Nursing jobs where it is little easier to get jobs compared to your desired career.
I love the diversity of culture in Blocket and I didn't feel like an outsider. I was given tasks and responsibilities that are on par with a regular employee. I received the great support from my team and my mentor.
As I have been offered a Job after my internship, I will be focusing on building my Career in Swedish Market and enhace my skills in HR domain.”

Super happy to have you onboard for real and thank you for hard work and everything we learn from you. Everyday! 🙏🏻❤️

#lifeatblocket #jobbsprånget #bebrave #takeresponsibility #collaboration #internship

❤️ To the children in Sweden, for the children in Ukraine 🇺🇦

To help the the millions of children in danger, being forced to flee, Blocket has teamed-up with Rädda Barnen. We are opening up our platform for companies that are producing or selling children’s clothes, toys, or other children’s articles. During March, we will be providing them the possibility of opening a Blocket store, free of charge, where they can sell children’s articles, with lifted advertisement fees. The sales will be donated fully to Rädda Barnen ❤️

For every Swedish krona donated, Blocket will contribute with the same amount up to 200,000 SEK – meaning one krona becomes two – until the joint goal of 400,000 SEK is reached or throughout March. At the same time, we encourage our Blocketeers to contribute. You are as well very welcome to participate - donation instructions in the link above👆🏼

#lifeatblocket #takeresponsibility #collaboration #räddabarnen #savethechildrensweden #childrenofukraine

🗽 This is Eric. Not the usual kind of Eric, but THE Eric! The Eric you want to have around. This month is his month since he is Blocket’s torch bearer of the month! 🙌🏼 Eric is our own coffee maestro who everyday serves his colleagues amazing barista love in a cup. During the day you hear ”Anyone up for some espresso, macchiato, latte, capuchino, americano? That is Eric 😍. Or you hear ”Eric, I am so tired today”, and Eric replies ”Can I make you a coffee?”. That is Eric ❤️

The motivation:
”This person is a true Blocketeer and the kind of person that solves problems with an impressive speed and brings great ideas to the table. Making sure we move forward in the right direction and a force to be reckoned with during our transition to a next generation marketplace.
This person is also a great colleague, always bringing a smile to the people around him and contributing to the warm fuzzy feeling at the Blocket greenhouse in a great way. To prove my point - who else offers to make the colleagues around them freshly brewed cappuccinos?”

☕️ And do not worry - we do have regular bryggkaffe as well if you prefer it. Or tea. And actually we do have läsk. A fridge full 🥤

#lifeatblocket #employeeofthemonth #createWOW #barista #coffee #fuzzyfeeling

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